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Let Spotter be your guide. And you'll never be lost again.


See what makes Spotter so special

Crafted with passion.

Pin - and never forget Spotter never forgets..

Add Spots of your favorite places. Share them with friends. Oh and by the way, Spotter never forgets where you parked your car.

Backup Backup your Spots

If you decide to backup your Spots (maybe to sync with other devices) you can do so. We are using Apples highly secured iCloud as your backup device.

Performance coz waiting is boring

Spotter has been designed to perform as fast as possible. Some say it's faster than light and therefore can be used as a time travel machine.

Integrated Search Sometimes it's the unknown places

Want to find a cool Club within reach? Forgot your wife's birthday and now you need to find a good restaurant? Spotter to the rescue.

We are listening coz it's all about you

If you miss anything or think Spotter should do something special for you, just drop us a message. We love to hear from you.

Secure Security matters

Spots are stored on your local device. You are the one in charge.

Spotter insights

Simplicity is like magic. You need to see it to belive it.

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Spotter helps you. Anytime.

These are just a few of the things, Spotter can do to simplify your life.

  • save your favorite Spots
  • share Spots with friends
  • keep them in collections
  • backup Spots to iCloud
  • search for POI's within reach
  • fast and reliable


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